CAMBRA Consult

A live, 30-minute presentation on
CAMBRA and the CariFree CTx Product Line

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Finding new caries management options for a few specific patients
Learning about ways to establish a CAMBRA program in my practice 
Discussing and updating my current caries management program


“We appreciate our CAMBRA Consultant for taking the time with us to understand the information and relating this to our patients during the one-on-one webinar. We received all the information clearly. We truly appreciate the assistance that we have received. Time well spent!”

~ Dr. Douglas Coxe and Shirley Coxe

“The one-on-one CAMBRA Consult was a really good introduction to CariFree. It is a pleasure to work with someone, like our CAMBRA Consultant, who really knows their product, and the reasons behind the system.”

~ Dr. David Wasilewski, DMD

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